Hi, I’m Algae is the worldwide introduction of LED photobioreactors enabling large-scale continuous location independent foodgrade micro-algae propagation and downstream processing.

Let’s get acquainted!


We at Hi, I’m Algae have developed a disruptive cultivation system that phenomenally increases the productivity per ground area for all light dependent micro-algae and cyano-bacteria, realizing a major reduction of cultivation costs. Utilizing only CO₂ as carbon source, this groundbreaking technology eliminates all environmental limitations, thereby breaching the productivity barrier which is limiting the current autotrophic microalgae industry from reaching its enormous potential.

The proprietary cultivation system has been successfully demonstrated on a large-scale delivering production volumes over 3000 l/m² compared to 150 l/m² of current outdoor state-of-the-art photobioreactors and ponds. The shift from outdoor cultivation to completely closed internally illuminated and fully automated indoor photobioreactors enables continuous temperature-controlled cultivation under optimized photosynthesis conditions opening up large scale cultivation throughout Europe or anywhere in the world.